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    How do I retrieve my user ID and Password?

    Enter the directory area. On the left hand side you will find a “Member Login” box. Enter you email address in the “Forgot your Password” field. Your password will be automatically emailed to you. However make sure that the email entered is the same as the email published in your listing.

    How long will it take to get my professional listing published?

    Listing can be published in a couple hours up to 24hours. Subscription made after 12pm PST will be processed the next day.

    Will my listing be visible in search engines?

    Yes. Listing your business and website link will increase greatly web visibility of your business.

    What does the Listing include?

    A Professional Premium Listing includes: Secure online login unlimited updates Full contact information: Contact name, Company Name, address, 3 phones #, email address, website URL direct link, Description of service. Optional Thumbnail in profile list.
    Optional Images upload and Full HTML page profile
    >> For complete Listings overlook click here

    Are all listing upgradable or down gradable?

    Whether you need additional features or you need to lower your cost, all listing types are easily upgradeable and down gradable.

    What is the Process?

    Select the listing type that best fits your needs.
    Sign up with the subscription plan.
    You will receive a confirmation email with direct access to your listing in

    Why no 800 phone #?

    Outsourcing calls to a fare away country is not in our policy. To keep cost down and optimize all our resources we have chosen to use an internet alert system that works. Every request gets answered by an expert; you don’t just get a friendly Hello!.

    Do I need to learn any software?

    No, editing your profile is as easy as writing an email.

    Do I need to know HTML?

    No creating and maintaining your listing is as simple as entering a form.

    Will I get charged more than my plan?

    No you will never get charged additional fees that what you sign up for.

    How do I cancel?

    You can cancel at anytime! No long term contract. Just email or cancel from your PayPal account.

    Do I need a Paypal account?

    No you do not need a Paypal account to become a member. Simply follow the instruction of the signup form. uses Paypal to process your credit card and subscription fees.

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